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Campos de lavanda
Campos de lavanda

Environmental and social responsibility policy

We are aware of the enormous social responsibility we have with our environment, forThat is why we seek to contribute directly to the progress and well-being not only of our workers and their families, but also our neighbors, customers, suppliers. under an ethical foundation where respect and equality prevail regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, social status etc. All activities carried out in the workplace must be carried out within an environment protection framework.

• Comply with applicable Environmental Compliance Laws and Regulations.

• Involve, train and hold Perfumes Sodexim is staff so that they respect and apply the Environmental Management System, including suppliers y subcontractors.

• Continuously improve, preventing, minimizing and/or avoiding as far as possible,the environmental impacts derived from our activities.

• Collaborate with Public Authorities in emergency and crisis situations,expressing our permanent willingness to cooperate with them.

• Promote the participation of third parties through activities that raise awareness and help to form a culture of environmental responsibility

Apretones de manos

Quality and Safety Policy

At Perfumes Sodexim, SA de CV we are committed to offering safe fragrances, flavors, Fruit and vegetables puree and fruit concentrated that increase the trust, satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. We follow the strictest standards of hygiene and professional ethics to produce safe and quality products, establishing internal prevention and control mechanisms based on hazard assessment. 
We optimize our processes and resources through a safety management system, communication with our interested parties, as well as the development of our personnel and the commitment to continuous improvement. 
We are committed to satisfying the client and complying with the regulations related to health, ecological and safety aspects.

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Hojas verdes

Jardín No. 37, Col. San Bartolo,

Naucalpan, Estado de México

C.P. 53000

(55) 5255-1977

(55) 4777-5900

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